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Steam Boiler

Capacity can be 1 to 6 tons per hour, Fuel can be Diesel oil , heavy oil , natural gas , boiler self is made by china A class  national company, Burner is from Italy original , Rellio brand.


    Category: Auxiliary Equipments, EPS Moulding Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    Output 4000kg per hour
    Steam Pressure 1.25Mpa
    Steam temperature 194℃
    Efficiency ≥92%
    Fuel light diesel oil
    Fuel Consumption light diesel oil: 303kg/hr
    Electric power 8kw
    Dimensions L4949xW2200xH2646mm
    Total weight 8.6tons
    Control Voltage 240V/50Hz/2N
    Operating Voltage 415V/50Hz/3N
    Water volume 8m3
    Chimney diameter 450mm

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