– All procedures are controlled by Touch screen & PLC, all parameters can be revised in touch screen
– All material connected with EPS resin in expansion Chamber are made of SUS 304 Stainless steel
– High density Rock wool used for insulation layer to reduce temperature undulate & steam consumption.
– Steam system controlled by origin Japanese Pressure Reduction Valve, Brand “Yoshitake” GP-2000
– EPS Resin weight in Each cycle are controlled by accurate weight sensor for first expansion .
– Second Expansion is available for lower density
– Stable pressure & stable temperature insure density tolerance within 5 %
– maintenance stair and protective fence on the top for safety and easier maintenance
-Control panel declaration:
i)All electronics are brand Schneider, Air condition is equipped for control box .
j)Taiwan Delta PLC and Taiwan weiview touch screen (10.1”)
k)pneumatic valves are brand Burket (Germany)
l)one level photo sensor for double safety
m)Use vibration level sensor to control heating of expansion .
F ) Note:
Density: 8-9 g/l for china and taiwan EPS raw material (Zkf301 or ZKF302) sabic F760 with double expansion
9-10 g/l for sabic EPS raw material (F650)



    Main Technical Parameters

    Chamber diameter mm 1500
    Chamber height mm 2250
    Capacity kg/h 550-1200
    First expansion 12g/l 600kg/h
    Secondary expansion 8g/l 500kg/h
    Tolerance ±5%
    Outer steam pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
    Inner steam pressure Mpa 0.015-0.05
    Steam consumption (first) kg/h 600~800
    Inlet size mm DN65
    Outer air pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
    Inlet size mm 40
    Air consumption m3/h 1.5
    Connected load kw 27.85
    Power supply v/hz 380/60
    Weight kg 6000
    Over size mm 7500×4150×5400

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