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Aluminum Alloy New Cutting Machine

Aluminum Alloy New Cutting Machine
This series of EPS two-dimensional CNC cutting machine is a large-scale electric heating cutting machine for cutting various specifications of foam-plastic board products. It is an auxiliary equipment for making large-sized foam plastic sheets in the bubble type product factory. The machine can completely realize straight line cutting and special-shaped cutting; the equipment can cut the car model, the lost mold, the aviation model, the movie props, and the required raw materials can be cut.

Main Features:
1. The main frame of the machine is made of material welding and various special connecting pieces, which is stable in motion and high in precision;

2. the machine uses X-direction servo motor, Y-direction stepper motor drive, smooth motion, free speed regulation, suitable for cutting special graphics requires non-stop shifting requirements, mechanical control accuracy is 0.5mm;

3. voltage regulation: This machine is equipped with a 15KW transformer, and through electronic voltage regulation, the voltage output is adjustable from 0-220V. 15 heating wires can be installed on the cutting frame, and 15 identical patterns or characters can be cut at the same time;

4. This machine adopts touch button input, and there are few operation keys. Simple patterns can also be entered directly through the controller. The display has cutting patterns, tracking cuts and more. The cutting speed is adjustable and the maximum speed is 4000mm/min. The parameter setting is simple and convenient, and the device has a stroke protection function. When the running stroke exceeds the specified stroke, the automatic protection of the device stops.



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