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Aluminum alloy 3D CNC foam cutter for decorative cornice moulding Multi shape decorative cutting machine

FC2025-5X series of EPS 3D CNC cutting machine combine both hot wire and shape wire cutting. Used for cutting various shape and size foam products. The equipment can cut car models, lost foam molds, aviation models, movie props and so on. It is right machine for the company of advertising, lost foam casting and art studio decoration.

Limit operation line control switch
The machine is composed of aluminum alloy bracket, mobile cutting wire frame, four axis rotating platform and other parts.
The cutting platform is mainly composed of aluminum profile components, panels and synchronous belts.

Limit operation line control switch
The moving frame is installed on the profile of the guide rail, and is driven by the stepping motor through the synchronous belt and the guide rail. It runs smoothly and has high accuracy.
The cutting wire frame is fixed on the moving frame, and the stepping motor moves up and down through the synchronous wheel and synchronous belt.
The electric control box is vertical, generally placed on the left side of the machine, and the transformer is installed below the electric control box.



    Cutting capacity

    3D text cutting
    Geometry cutting
    Circular&Hexagonal Cutting
    Spiral cylindrical cutting
    spiral column cutting


    description unit Data
    Dimension mm 2500×2000×13000
    Hot wire description mm Φ0.4 G20Ni80
    Φ3 G20Ni80
    Stepping motor torque N.m 8.5
    Total capacity Kw 6
    Cutting speed range m/min 0~10
    transformer power KVA 1
    voltage v 0~220(adjustable continious)
    Machine out size mm 2980x2440x2288
    Booster KV 10(adjustable range 100-200V)
    Machine weight Kg 360