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EPS hot melting recycling machine

The machine is equipped with a crushing mechanism, which can crush the waste foam, melt it and extrude it with screws to produce PS blocks, greatly compressing the volume of waste foam, saving the stacking space of waste foam. At the same time, PS blocks can be sold directly on the market and have a large profit margin. This machine is widely used in foam factories, agricultural trade markets and waste recycling stations.



    Main Features

    1. Equip 15KW-class 6 motor and SPB-4 type heavy pulley ,Large torque output is ensured , which makes the machinerun ;
    2. Two stage temperature control zone and special screwdesign to make sure that the extruded material in whiteand clear in color with quit less smoke and dust smoothlyand not easy to get jammed ;
    3. Advanced crushing design with side bearing,which cangreatly reduce the dust of foam crushing and hopperleakage.
    NO. Description Unit Parameter
    1 Overall Dimension mm 1480x1580x1890
    2 Motor Power KW 15
    3 Heating Power KW 10
    4 Feed Inlet Size mm 800X500
    5 Discharge Port mm DN32
    6 Output Kg/h 120-150
    7 Total Weight Kg 700
    8 Heating Coil Temperature Setting 150~240

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