EPS Foam Coating Machine

EPS Foam Coating Machine


This series of pulper is our new EPS slurry equipment with reasonable results, high precision, advanced technology and convenient operation.

Main Features:

1. The main frame of the machine is made of profile welding and various special connecting pieces. The movement is stable and the precision is high.

2. the machine uses 1.20 meters wide PVC grass pattern belt drive, the running speed can be manually stepless speed regulation through the frequency converter, the height of the left and right two pairs of pressure wheel is adjusted up and down by the screw.

3. The excess section roller is made of 304 stainless steel, and the water receiving tray and the cover on both sides of the conveyor belt are made of 304 stainless steel.

4. Adopting the speed-adjusting frequency conversion technology, the motor drives the driving wheel to rotate in the circle through the chain, and the conveyor belt makes a linear motion. There is a pressing mechanism above the conveyor belt, and the raw material is continuously advanced on the conveyor belt by a suitable pressing force, and enters the silo with the abrasive material to wipe the surface of the material. The processed product has a smooth surface, high precision and good hand feeling.



    Main Technical Parameters

    Description UNIT GB-C100 GB-C120
    Max.Coating Width mm 1000 1200
    Max.Coating Height mm 600 750
    Coating Speed m/min 0~20 0~20
    Total Power KW 3 3
    Gross Weight Kg 1000 1500

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