EPS Foam Cement Coating Machine

EPS Foam Cement Coating Machine


This equipment mainly has spiral feeding machine, automatic wet powder mixer, electric control cabinet and so on

Main features:

The equipment design is reasonable, high degree of automation, saving manpower (with ordinary equipment than reduced by 1 to 2 people), reduce production cost, improve production efficiency of equipment. According to the T font layout, compact structure, automatic wet powder mixer according to powder weight ratio of emulsion and water must set automatic feeding on the emulsion and water to the mixing tank mixed, and according to the set time after stirring cylinder bottom hole mixture will automatically open to the storage barrel, after stirring for a certain period of time, open the manual control valve that the conveyor belt, the conveyor into the grouting machine for EPS pulp.



    Main Technical Parameters

    Description UNIT DATA
    Overall Size mm 2000×4800×3400
    Total capacity KW 13.5
    Mixer Volumn L 80
    Capacity KG/h 300-400
    Gross Weight KG 1200

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