EPS Moulds


With strong technical force and advanced production and processing equipment, the company provides domestic and foreign customers with the services of designing and manufacturing various foam molds. The main products are widely used in electrical industry, aquaculture industry, agricultural industry, construction industry, foundry machinery industry, etc …


Our Standards

We have experience for different brand machine with different structure . Our standard is as follows:

Aluminum Ingot Ac4a High-Strength Magnesium Alloy
Aluminum Plate 5052h112
Aluminum Support Bar 6063 Alloy (Opposite Side 25mm)
Guide Sleeve Diameter 20mm Brass
Sprayer Copper Rotating Spray
Screw Stainless Steel
Thread Protect Brass
Steam Jet Copper Slot Air Lock Size:¢6 / ¢8 / ¢10   (Advantage: High Speed Heating, Long Working Life)
Copper Pipe Main Pipeline: ¢28  / Looped Pipeline:¢22,16
The Pipe Size Of Entry/Exit Air And Water 1″, 1.5″, 2″
The Separation Distance Of The Air Lock ≤25x25mm
Screw Separation Distance ≤120x120mm
Sprayer Separation Distance ≤200x200mm
Mould Support ≥25 Pcs Per Mould
Depth Of Thread ≥15mm
Mould Tolerance Clearance 0.3-0.7mm
Mould Surface Treatment Teflon Coating
Mould Dimensional Tolerance Length/Width: ±0.5mm  /  Height: ±1.0mm
Mould Locating Pin Yes
Casting Common Casting
Process CNC Process
Assembling Precision Assembling
Mould Cavity Inspection Inspect All Size in 0.3mm Accurate
Product Inspection Inspect Overall Size And Main Size
Packing Way Completely Packing
Testing Yes


EPS Application

EPS is commonly used for packaging medical,fruit,vegetables and electrical, insulation panels for building. With the good quality,it can be expand 40 times the volume of the original polystyrene bead.