EPS Pelletize Machine

EPS Pelletize Machine


The machine will crush EPS XPS scraps into smaller pecs. Then melting it by first screw, extruded into PS noodle by second screw, after that, water cooling, De-water and cut into PS granules. Those PS granules is 100% raw material for PS cornice, photo frame, XPS panel and PSP fast food container production line. Directly turn EPS, XPS scraps into PS granules by this single Pelletizer machine.




    Main Features

    1. From foam crushing hot melting, extrusion, cooling, pelletizing, an entire production line, to turn the waste foam into PS granules.
    2. Two stage screw, one stage screw hot melt, two stage screw extrusion, equipped with automatic hydraulic system for filter net change, making the equipment not easy to break wires, and the equipment can produce continuously.
    3. An efficient crushing system is equipped with alarge silo,can variable frequency feed, greatly improve the production efficiency, while ensure sufficient and stable feeding, make the extruded particles uniform.
    4. The secondary screw is made of 38CrMoAl material, and the primary and secondary screws are hardening and tempering to ensure their service life.
    5. All electrical equipment adopts Schneider brand, and all components adopt aviation plugs, with stable quality and convenient on debugging and installation.

    Main Technical Parameters

    one stage Screw and barrel made of 45# STEEL , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy  (screw dia.¢160,long dia.ratio 160*200*640 )
    Motor 15kw-4p general motor
    Mould Round Mould head
    Heat loop stainless steel cuprum
    Gear box ZLYJ133strong hard-teeth surface , made of top grade special alloy
    Screw and barrel made of 38CrMoAl , inlet mouth is coverd special alloy(screw dia.¢90,long dia.ratio 90*130*850 )
    Motor 4kw-4p timing motor
    Mould Hydraulic Mould head
    Heat loop stainless steel cuprum
    Control box digital meter
    Water tank  water cooling 2000 mm
    Granule cutter  ¢100*100 ,1.5KW-4P timing motor
    Material receiver steel .
    CRUSHING&BAITING SYSTEM  foam crusher : suction blower , suction pipe
    Output 50-70  kg/h
    Total Power 27 Kw  380 V, 50HZ, 3 PH
    Total weight 1700kg
    Required Area 6 x 2m x 4.5m

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