The Points on EPS MOULD

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Green building had got a big business pick up for EPS mould in 2019, We supplied all different kinds of moulds all over the world , such as home appliance package , AC components,  insert block and hordi building mould, as well as fish and vegetable box mould.

The more moulds we made, The more we feel the mould is based on all details . we should care about all details from A to Z . from wooden model , casting, machining , assembling , …and till final testing. Then put all those careful points into standard . Which is ensure mould quality higher .

Such as

  • All woden mould and casting cavities must be machining by CNC center for accurate
  • Keep 14mm connection Al-Alloy plate and 16 mm Al-Alloy Back plate
  • Al-Alloy steam chest , All bolt are S.S 8.8 304. With cooper thread
  • Strong supports are so important ,which keep long time and less deforming.
  •  No less than four steam jets in Sq inch for big steam flow and fast cooling.  Enough cooling pipe with Water nozzles.
  • Running test is recommend before delivery, so we can provide the test sample to client to avoid any mistake.


There have no best , we try our best to be better .


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